SurroundingsStaying with Belgians on the Isle of Crete

  • "The charms of Crete."

Get inspired by what Crete offers. Taste the sun, sea, mountains that reach to the beach, and much more...


Mediterranean gastronomy belongs to the culture of Crete and needs no further explanation.
The Cretan diet has been around for many centuries and is still a mystery.
Do not miss the chance to discover it !

Frantzeskiana - Metochia

A typical Cretan village where the streets have no name and time seems to have paused.
Here you will find no tourists, but real, proud inhabitants.
They live mainly on agriculture and sheep farming, to the rhythm of nature.


The coziest seaside resort of Crete.
Has everything a tourist needs on vacation.
"See and be seen."
An authentic Venetian harbor with terraces.
A large boulevard along the sea.
Narrow streets with many restaurants and shops.
Clean beaches tagged with a blue flag.